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Double Paper Plate Clock

moon-clockGenius Time Telling: Grab two paper plates, count every 4 to 5 notches (indentions in the plate) and make your cuts. Write your hours numbers in between the cut notches. Then, take your second plate and hold it underneath your hours plate. Make marks to indicate where your number should be. Once, your plate is marked, choose another marker color and add your numbers by your pencil marks. Stack your plates, hours on top and make a hole for your fastener. Create colorful clock hands (matching hours and minutes), attach hands with your fastener and presto - a time teller cheat and peek!

Dry Erase made Easy

Teachers, make writing with Dry Erase markers easy.  Hot glue a large pom pom (found in the craft aisle) to the bottom of each pen.  It is now an all in one device.  I love this idea! Individual dry erase boards are super cheap through purchasing a large sheet of shower board from the hardware store and have them cut it into squares!dry erase

Easy Fall Craft

                                                                    This is a simple craft is a great way to decorate your classroom.  Use white streamers to hang from the bottom.  Students can coghostlor or cut the eyes from construction paper.  Keep it simple while still adding character to the season.

Easy as Pie!

Author's Purpose

Easy as pie

Evidence Based Terms

Using Common Core standards it is essential for students to learn to use information from text when responding to a question.  Students should be able to pull relevant information from what they have read in order to formulate a response directly related to the question at hand.  The following chart is helpful in prompting students to refer to the text when answering a question.  Evidence Based Text 2