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Haunted House Writing

Halloween is a great opportunity for students to be engaged in descriptive writing.  Have students included something they heard, smelled, saw, and felt.  Remind students to stay in the past tense with their narrative story.  Students must form a climax.  Brainstorm with students exciting things that could happen while exploring a haunted house.  Some ideas may be:  chased by a ghost, found a dead body, heard screaming from the attic, discovered a basement filled with bunnies, the eyes on the pictures were moving, the stairs began shaking, etc...

Haunted House

Hidden Spelling Words

SpellingHidden Spelling Words - on a white piece of paper let your child write out the spelling words using a white crayon. Once all words have been written use watercolors and paint to make hidden words appear.

Hershey Kiss Opinion

This is a great center idea.  Put out different kisses for students to test!  They will love this special treat.

Hershey Kiss Opinion

Illustrate with Words!

Students must be taught to take their ideas and say them in a more influential way!

Show with Words