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Informational Writing

info writingCommon Core Explanatory/Informative writing chart.

 Great chart to use with Common Core writing.  Students benefit from the structure provided through a simple chart.  This can serve as a great resource for helping students learn what is required when writing to sources in order to meet shift number five of Common Core State Standards. 

It is great to do a job to earn extra money.

earn moneyBefore you begin writing, think about a job you would like to do for pay.

Now explain to the reader what job you could do to earn money.

Brainstorming: rake leaves, wash windows, babysit pets, carwash, clean floors, organize closets, sweep rooftops, mow lawns, paint, hotdog stand, babysit, clean houses, clean pools, sweep driveways, party planning, etc…


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Learn the phases of the moon with Oreos

Genius TimeGenius Time Telling: Grab two paper plates, count every 4 to 5 notches (indentions in the plate) and make your cuts. Write your hours numbers in between the cut notches. Then, take your second plate and hold it underneath your hours plate. Make marks to indicate where your number should be. Once, your plate is marked, choose another marker color and add your numbers by your pencil marks. Stack your plates, hours on top and make a hole for your fastener. Create colorful clock hands (matching hours and minutes), attach hands with your fastener and presto - a time teller cheat and peek!


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New School Year

StartBack-to-school activity to get an idea who your students are and start the year on a good note.  "What kind of teacher do you want?"