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ballsVisit this teacher's blog for more information:  http://newadventuresinfirstgrade.blogspot.ch/2011/11/stability-ball-chairs.html

Here are a few highlights...

There are 3 main purposes for using the ball chairs and incorporating movement into the classroom:

  1. Movement increases blood flow to the brain, which is better for brain function (and learning!).
  2. Movement helps children "get the wiggles out" which aides their natural need to move.  This helps them focus by expending the excess energy they build up throughout the day.
  3. Sitting on a stability ball supports and builds their core mucles.  Pediatritians are finding that children in the last 10 years are suffering from poor core strength due to the pratices that are used while they are infants and small children (swings, back to sleep, car seats/ carriers, strollers, activity rings).  They are not developing the same strength as previous generations.  This also helps develop large motor muscles, which support small motor muscles (think writing and hand strength). 
  • Her rules are:  1.  Use hand to help sit.  2.  Keep 2 feet on the floor.  3.  Roll the ball to move it.  4.  Keep materials away.


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