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Classroom writing instruction

Many teachers feel ill prepared to teach students to writing. Writing instruction is not something that is taught in education classes nor are teachers given a teacher’s edition as a guide. For this reason, teachers admit that they often avoid the subject entirely. Keeping journals and responding to prompts are assigned, but where is the instruction? Very few students are born with the natural ability to write. They need guidance, direct instruction, and time to practice the skill. Teachers need to be provided with both the knowledge and tools necessary to help students succeed in becoming creative writers.

Guided writing instruction is an excellent way to help students succeed. While critics may say that a structured approach to writing stifles creativity, they are wrong. What needs to be considered is that many students need the structure, for those that do not, the structure can slowly be removed as writers become more proficient in the skill. Struggling writers may always need the structure, but they will find success within this format. Don’t assign a writing task leaving many students with empty minds not knowing where to start. Help them; tell them what to write if necessary, as confidence and understanding are gained independence will be achieved. By Nikki Swaine 8/19/2013 Writebrightstation.com