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Common Core Writing

Common core is shifting students away from “prompt writing” toward using a source to write. While writing to a source is important, children also need the instruction given for prompt writing as well. There needs to be a balance between the two styles of writing. Prompt and source writing are very different in nature. Common Core source writing requires students to read one or more passages. Students then use the passage/passages to write a response. For example, students may read a nonfiction passage on the dangers of winter. Next, students are asked to explain why it is important to stay safe in freezing temperatures. In this explanation students must not only rely on their own knowledge, but also use information given in the provided text. Students must be taught key phrases such as, “according to the passage” or “the author states” to show the information they are giving comes from the text. Much like prompt writing, source writing requires direct instruction. Students need to be guided through the process of responding in order to have organization of ideas, as well as learning the necessary phrases to avoid plagiarism. Students need to practice taking sentences from an article and putting them into their own words. All of these skills take time to develop and need to be taught through a guided process. Sadly, source writing does not allow for the creativity that once existed in prompt writing. For this reason, prompt writing should not be extinguished in the classroom. Don’t assign writing tasks, but instead teach students to write!


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