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Daily Dose of Grammar:  (Currently being produced)  Correlated with state standards, this curriculum provides daily practice in grammar and usage.  Additionally, it extends to include instruction in spelling, informational skills, and components to enhance writing skills.  Skills are practiced for 4 days ending with an assessment on day 5.  Printing is not necessary.  Daily lessons can be projected as students write their answers in a spiral notebook.  Assessments may be printed for parents to understand the skills.  Students will gain a solid understanding of grammar skills, parts of speech, spelling, and sentence structure.

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Conferencing:  Print the two resources under "Conferencing."  Staple each to a different side of a file folder.  Conference with each student about their writing every 3 weeks. There is a demonstration video under the "Training" tab, "Teacher Videos."

Daily Writes:  These are quickwrites that can be used at a center or for bellwork.  Students can keep these in a spiral notebook.  They do not need to be long responses.  Use these to point out errors students are making as they work to undo poor writing habits in areas of grammar and spelling.  Errors should be noted in their conference folders.

Daily Paraphrase:  This can be used as a quick activity or center.  For states requiring source writing, students must learn to write things in a different way.  Many try to only change a word or two which is unacceptable.  Use these to teach students to rewrite ideas from others, in their own words.