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Nikki Swaine teaches a live language arts lesson to 5th graders during COVID19 shutdowns using Google Meets.


How can we ensure our students are receiving the highest quality learning experience regardless of where it takes place?


Most teachers accustomed to a brick and mortar classroom have entered a whole new world this year when it comes to hybrid learning. If this is you, I know it can be unsettling as you explore uncharted waters. My previous experience as a classroom teacher and more recently as Write Bright Founder, however, has shown me there are huge benefits to hybrid learning. It’s partly the reason Write Bright taps into a blended approach - something it’s done well before Covid19 came along. I truly believe that with the right kind of structured resources you can deliver an outstanding blended learning experience without making your life more difficult. 


If you need reminding of some of the benefits of blended learning - here are my thoughts:


  1. Flexibility: Hybrid learning allows students to fit schoolwork around their commitments.  There should be structured time to engage with you as the teacher, but students can be free to complete daily assignments when it works best for their schedules. 
  2. Ownership: Students get to take ownership of their learning and drive the bus for a change. This gives them a feeling of responsibility and without you hovering over their shoulders, they learn to be accountable for their work. 
  3. Classroom Management: Talking out of turn, passing notes, kicking the desk, and destroying materials all disappear in the virtual classroom.  With less distraction from other students, the focus stays on learning.
  4. Pacing: Some students need more time to spend on a task while others are speed racers. The virtual realm allows each student to work at the speed that is best for their individual learning. 
  5. Mental wellbeing:  Blended learning can help alleviate stress in students who feel anxious about physically attending school full time, as well as those students who may feel shy or anxious about participating out loud in large group activities. By mixing up the learning environment, it takes away some of this pressure which can help students’ mental health and general self confidence. 


Teacher friends, I know you’ve got this.  We are in this together as we continue to educate students regardless of where they are learning.  Write Bright is ready for both classroom use and virtual learning, and I believe now more than ever we need to be sure we are using proven methods that we trust. 


When "good or great" pops into students' heads, tell them to choose a better word.  Remind students to never use the same "great" word twice in the same writing piece or it will diminish the wow of the word!

Say Great crop


Delivering an outstanding blended learning experience to your students doesn’t mean re-writing the lesson rule book. It’s about employing the teaching strategies you know already work and combining these with trusted resources. 

One of my all-time top tips for successful blended learning is don’t get rid of the things you already love! 

For example, if you find yourself delivering the school day online, still deliver a whole-class morning message if that’s what you’d usually do in the classroom. It will welcome your students to a new day of learning in a familiar way and get their minds warmed up and prepped for learning. Students like (and need) routine in the virtual world just like they do in a physical classroom, and they will look for it and be much more ready to engage if there is familiar structure.

Here’s a simple idea to give your school week additional structure regardless of where your students are learning. 

Monday Mindfulness - encourage students to share one thing they’re grateful for on that particular day. This works great as a whole class discussion or in a secure online class chat group. 

Tuesday Math Mayhem - give your students a fun math puzzle to solve

Wednesday ‘Would you rather…?’ - a light-hearted activity that’s always a winner!

Thursday Spelling Bee - choose different students to take part in a quick spelling contest

Friday Funtime - Can you students solve the riddle of the week?!

Happy teaching! 😁



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