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Formal Writing Instruction

While some people are born natural singers and others natural writers this is only true for a select few. In many schools, students are expected to write. Would we expect everyone to be able to sing a solo? This is where many classrooms are failing our students.

            Most students are not born with a naturally ability to write. This is where the importance of formal writing instruction must have a place in the curriculum. Students must learn to write informative, persuasive, and narrative pieces through teaching that gives them a framework. Through providing students with a framework, students can learn to be successful writers. Those that have the naturally ability to write well may not need a framework. In these special cases, students can write with less structure. However, the majority of students appreciate the support that is given through direct guided writing instruction. It allows writers to be successful and gives them a security during writing. As students learn through structure they can begin to remove pieces of the format to add their own style and flare.

            Writing can and must be taught, not simply assigned as a task. Students learning through formal writing training will gain lifelong skills that will set them up for success in both college experiences and careers.

Nikki Swaine


Writing curriculum developer


While serving Public Schools as well as private, charter & home schoolers, our mission is to give glory and honor to God by consistently modeling biblical principles in all our business dealings and relationships. To use all of the gifts and talents given to us generously and cheerfully so that others will see Christ through us.  (Not a religious curriclum.)




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