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Please use and enjoy the following Explanatory, Narrative, and Persuasive lessons.  Write Bright provides curriculum for both "Source Writing" as well as traditional "Prompt Writing."  Write Bright gives teachers 2 options:  teaching a projected lesson or allowing the lesson to be taught by our writing coach via video. Video Lessons:  Make copies of the printable for each student in your class.  Put the video on full-screen.  You will need to press the pause button each time the writing coach gives the students a task.  Don’t forget to share your experience with your principal! Videos will not play? Try different browsers to see what works best for your system.  (Firefox-Chrome-Edge)

  • For more information visit the "Training" tab-"Teacher Videos" and you are welcome to watch our workshops.


Explanatory Lesson "Source Writing"

Explanatory Lesson Printable

Free Lesson Explanatory

Persuasive Lesson "Source Writing"

Persuasive Lesson Printable

Free Lesson Persuasive

Narrative Lesson "Source Writing"

Narrative Lesson Printable

Free Lesson Narrative

Explanatory Lesson "Prompt Writing"

Explanatory Lesson Printable

Explanatory Video Lesson

Narrative Lesson "Prompt Writing"

Narrative Lesson Printable

Narrative Video Lesson

Persuasive Lesson "Prompt Writing"

Persuasive Lesson Printable

Persuasive Video Lesson

Free Prompts "Explanatory, Narrative, Persuasive"


While serving Public Schools as well as private, charter & home schoolers, our mission is to give glory and honor to God by consistently modeling biblical principles in all our business dealings and relationships. To use all of the gifts and talents given to us generously and cheerfully so that others will see Christ through us.  (Not a religious curriclum.)




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