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Improve Student Writing

Write Bright is the most effective program anywhere, using guided instruction to empower teachers and students. Standards have been written to ensure that writing is given both time and attention to build effective writers.  With shifts to writing from sources, students will be taught to make a connection between reading and writing as they respond to text through writing.  Write Bright uses a guided writing approach taking the writer step-by-step toward responding to text in a way that is effective, creative, and utilizes a reading passage.  You can be confident your students will succeed on state writing tests. Immediate improvements will be reflected in students’ writings once the program has been implemented. Video instruction is provided for each lesson; however, these videos are interactive and simply used as a tool for the teacher to execute a lesson.  Videos provide a co-teaching experience in the classroom.  While using the video instruction, both the teacher and students are highly engaged.  Student videos and tools will gift them with innovative strategies, words, and ideas to make writing come alive. Unique idea boosters motivate students to elaborate and utilize higher levels of vocabulary to paint a picture in the mind of their reader. Students will build practical and creative writing skills through a repetitive formulated teaching method that takes the guess work out of writing.


Comprehensive Writing CurriculumWrite to Visualize

Write Bright is a standards-based, all-inclusive curriculum that benefits teachers by providing well written lessons, tools, assessments, and prompts. Rather than "telling students to write" this program "teaches them to write" through guided writing instruction. Each lesson follows a structured formula that will guide students in becoming stronger, more confident writers. Write Bright lessons require no preparation, teaching kindergarten through 6th grade students to write a well-developed essay. Each lesson promotes differential instruction by allowing students to work at their level. This curriculum motivates students by sparking their imaginations through researched methods, which train students to build upon prior knowledge in order to think creatively and gain confidence in their ability to write successfully. Write Bright increases the proficiency of all students by expanding their knowledge and skills through effective teaching methods in order to gain high achievement.

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While serving Public Schools as well as private, charter & home schoolers, our mission is to give glory and honor to God by consistently modeling biblical principles in all our business dealings and relationships. To use all of the gifts and talents given to us generously and cheerfully so that others will see Christ through us.  (Not a religious curriclum.)




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