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Write Bright provides powerful tools developed to maximize the potential in each student. Students must use the Spelling tooltools to assist in acquiring and polishing the essential traits of writing. Each tool has been designed to enhance presentation, word choice, organization, voice, ideas, content, and conventions in students’ writings. Mastering writing traits will help students meet academic standards, succeed on tests, and gain beneficial skills for the real world.

Writing packets must be copied for each child in the classroom. See the "Startup Checklist" to know which packets to print.  Staple in the upper left corner and place in the pocket of a writing folder.

Source Writing:  Print the Passage Book for your grade level to copy for students.  I recommend 3-hole punch to place in the prongs of the writing folder.  4th, 5th, & 6th have two choices.  Source Writing or Source Writing with Reasons.  The lessons with reasons are more structured.  If your state gives an isolated writing exam, this may be the choice for you. 





While serving Public Schools as well as private, charter & home schoolers, our mission is to give glory and honor to God by consistently modeling biblical principles in all our business dealings and relationships. To use all of the gifts and talents given to us generously and cheerfully so that others will see Christ through us.  (Not a religious curriclum.)




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