In need of an effective, easy to use program?  You’ve found it!  Created by a teacher, for teachers of grades K-6.

Write Bright: Teacher Trusted Learning

  •  Choice of Prompt or Source Essay writing to match state standards.
  •  Videos provide a co-teaching experience.
  •  No training needed.
  •  Student packets filled with tools to boost creativity.
  •  Every lesson follows the same formula.
  •  Daily grammar included.
  •  Perfect for busy teachers.
  •  Not only raises writing scores, but also reading!
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Teachers love the video instruction for every lesson. Each video takes students step-by-step through completing an essay. Teachers tap pause after each instruction, giving students time to write. Lessons can be completed over several days Beginning-Middle-End or all in one session.


Writing must be taught, not assigned. Our video instruction allows a writing coach to do this as the teacher facilitates the lesson. Looking for excellent writing and grammar results? Looking to make teachers confident with instruction? Write Bright is the most teacher-friendly writing and grammar program for K-6th grades. No extra teacher prep is needed. We provide the lessons and model papers. The content advances with grade levels, but the foundational methods remain the same. Every writing lesson has a video option allowing a writing instructor to teach, as the teacher facilitates. No professional development is needed because teachers will be learning along with their students. Students are prepared for state assessments when Write Bright is used weekly. If common core, choose Source Writing. If not, the Prompt Writing curriculum may be the choice for you.

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Currently, we are serving schools in over 40 states and 4 countries. Schools have seen a dramatic increase in test scores through our instructional modeling and weekly essay practice. Even struggling writers find success through choice sentences in writing packets. Prices starting at $99 for a single classroom or $900 for a small school site license, making this curriculum extremely affordable.

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