Write Bright does not require teacher training. WB projectorAll lessons are taught by a writing coach allowing teachers to learn the methods along with their students. There are videos and start-up checklists to provide direction as teachers begin the program.


Where do I start? Print the “Startup Checklist.”

Source Writing: Explanatory, Persuasive, and Narrative lessons may be taught in any order and may be alternated. I recommend doing a minimum of six lessons before switching genres. Explanatory & Persuasive are similar in structure.

Prompt Writing: Start with the video lessons. Choose one genre of writing and spend several months on this type until it is internalized by students. Then, switch to the next type of writing. Once students have learned multiple genres, begin alternating between them.

Student Videos under Training: These are extra videos to enhance creativity.

Prompt Writing:  Expository Brainstorming, Narrative Brainstorming, Fluffy Flowery (teaches descriptive language/word choice)  Sound Smart (using intellectual ideas)  Richest Kid (teaches students to think outside the box)  The Big Day Talk  (pep talk for state assessment)   Cake  (teaches the dangers of overusing words or ideas)   Raising Your Score  (expository ideas for elaboration)   Narrative Introduction High Score (teaches students to move away from the traditional format allowing for orginiality/only use with upper scoring students)

Source Writing:  Paraphrase ItAnecdote (teaches students to add personal experience), ElaborateFluffy Flowery (teaches descriptive language for narrative), Sound Smart (using intellectual ideas), Cake (dangers of overusing), Test Day Reminders (watch the week before a state assessment).

Videos will not play? Try different browsers to see what works best for your system (Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Chrome).  For Internet Explorer choose “Tools” “Compatibility View” must be checked. Go to “Compatibility View Settings”, add website, and check display all websites in C.V. For Firefox users: Go to “tools”, “add ons”, “Plugins”, and make certain java and windows presentation is enabled.

Video Fast-forward:  There is a strip along the bottom of the video.  You may need to hover to find it.  To fast-forward or rewind simply drag the bar at the bottom of the video.  Some browsers (Explorer) do not support full functions.  Use Firefox, Mozilla, or Chrome for optimal functions.