Begin with the video lesson option. The videos eliminate the need for training as they provide a co-teaching experience in the classroom. Each lesson will follow the same format. The first 3 lessons may seem rigorous; however, they will get easier with practice.


There are two different forms of writing taught on Write Bright: Prompt & Source. Prompt writing teaches students to respond to a writing task with no resources. Source writing teaches students to respond to a writing task using one or more reading passages as support for a response. Later lessons use more sources. Choose the type that aligns with your state’s writing assessment. 1st and 2nd grade teachers: If your standards are for source writing, we recommend starting with prompt writing for at least a quarter if not a semester. Our research has shown, students are more proficient at source writing when they first learn prompt writing.

Prompt Writing:

Initially, lessons provide support guiding sentence by sentence. Slowly, students begin to write more independently.

Each lesson is color coded to help the students focus their attention to the correct location on the lesson display as the teacher instructs.

2nd Grade Prompt Writing Sample

Source Writing:

Passage Books for each student can be printed from the “Tools” tab.

4th Grade Source Writing Sample

If teaching from the lesson, rather than the video, make sure you are correctly using the tool bar on each lesson. Use the option for full-screen.