Begin with the video lesson option. The videos eliminate the need for training as they provide a co-teaching experience in the classroom. Each lesson will follow the same format. The first 3 lessons may seem rigorous; however, each lesson follows the same format, making them less stressful as more are taught.


There are two different forms of writing taught on Write Bright: Prompt & Source. Prompt writing teaches students to respond to a writing task with no assistance from resources. Source writing teaches students to respond to a writing task using one or more reading passages as support for a response. Choose the type that matches your state’s writing assessment.

Prompt Writing:

Each lesson is color coded to help the students focus their attention to the correct location on the lesson display as the teacher instructs.

3rd grade Narrative Prompt Sample

Source Writing:

Passage books can be printed from the “Tools” tab.

3rd through 6th grade teachers: Under the training tab you will find student videos to enhance lesson elements. Once students have a strong understanding of the essay structure, show the videos to help increase word-choice and creativity. Don’t forget to play the video in full screen mode.

If teaching from the lesson link, rather than the video, click the button on the tool bar for full-screen.
1st grade Source Sample

Videos will not play? Try different browsers to see what works best with your system (Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari). For Internet Explorer choose “Tools” “Compatibility View” must be checked. Go to “Compatibility View Settings”, add website, and check display all websites in C.V. For Firefox users: Go to “tools”, “add ons”, “Plugins”, and make certain java and windows presentation is enabled.