Classroom Licensing

Swaine Learning Systems partners with schools to provide high-quality instructional programs that improve results and help all students achieve through proven effective strategies and assessments.

Checks and purchase orders made payable to: Swaine Learning Systems

Please Note: Licenses are sold per classroom, not per teacher. A teacher serving more than one class of students will need a separate license for each class being served. A classroom is defined as 2 to 28 maximum students.

Licenses include reprint rights

Subscriptions expire one year from purchase date. Single subscriptions may only access the site on one computer at a time. Multiple logins will be blocked. Make certain you logout from the actual site (not just the “x” on your browser) if wanting to get back in within 4 hours. Our site will log you out after 4 hours allowing you to regain access.

Number of Classrooms Total Price Print Quote
Small: 2-15 $900.00 Small school Quote
Medium: 16 – 40 $1,500.00 Medium school Quote
Large: 41 – 60 $2,000.00 Large school Quote
1Classroom or Family $99.00

Over 60 classrooms – click here to request quote

Site license is all inclusive:

  • Videos for a co-teaching experience
  • Projectable Explanatory Lessons
  • Projectable Narrative Lessons
  • Projectable Persuasive Lessons
  • Writing to sources
  • Video option for lessons
  • Student Writing Packets
  • Over 350 prompts
  • Assessments
  • Student videos to boost creativity
  • Tools to support writing traits
  • Grading rubrics & anchor papers
  • All grade levels and more!

Steps to order site license:

  1. Register for an account from our site. Select a central username and password to be used by all account holders in your school. Choose “Pay offline” or “Paypal” option. Once submitted, you must click the activation link sent through email.
  2. Send the PO # to to have your account activated on our end.

The Write Bright curriculum may meet the criteria for the following funding categories:

  • Title One
  • Textbook
  • Stimulus
  • Technology
  • Professional Development
  • SAC
  • PTO
  • School Improvement